MBA Consulting Teleservicios RP y Comunicación Marketing Planeación Estratégica Programas Especiales


  • In MBA Consulting we develop (marketing integral) and stategical communication with the unique objective to communicate competitive advantages and main differentiators from our clients in the national and international market.
  • We execute strategies for solid, profitable and long term business relations for our clients by identifying opportunities and motivating a buying behavior and demand generation activities

PR Consulting

  • Diagnostics
  • Strategic planning
  • Key messages for corporative communication
  • Defining and analyzing objective audiences
  • Crisis management
  • Executive training
  • Measuring, qualitative and quantitative analyzing PR strategy

Media positioning

  • Relationship plans with media by industry, specialized and business
  • Press communicate drafting and distribution
  • Media monitoring
  • Press kit designing and production
  • Success stories program
  • On-line press room integration
  • Press conferences, trips, and press events organization and coordination   
  • Profile and content generation and administration for social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Internal and Corporate communication

  • Analysis, diagnostic and risk prevention
  • Communication campaigns design and execution
  • Message integration for merges/acquisitions
  • Landing pages, newsletters and intern media content generation

Distribution channel communication program

  • Developed communication program for recruitment, capacitation and certification
  • Digital Newsletters
  • Road shows and event organization
  • Created and coordinated virtual social media communities

Partner relationship and strategic alliances

  • Promotions communication and specialized media releases
  • Forum strategic positioning for high visibility
  • Institutional development relations with industry chambers and associations


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